Coach Hire In London

Best London Coach Hire, part of the Coach Transport Group, offers exceptional quality coaches and minibuses in and around London, along with the help of highly professional, qualified, friendly and experienced staff members. From large 83-seater coaches to smaller, 16-seater options for smaller groups, our vehicles cover a wide range of requirements. London Coach Hire offer standard, executive and luxury coach hire in London. Our coaches come with a wide range of high quality travel facilities, from air conditioning and toilets to tea and coffee makers, and hot and cold water, as well as entertainment services such as DVD players. Coach Hire London also have some vehicles with on board bar facilities, Sky TV and Wi-Fi. Our luxury coaches can be accompanied by an exquisite catering and hostess service.


Our Minibuses carry between 12 and 16 people and are the ideal option for smaller groups travelling to or from London. As well as coach hire in London we also provide executive and luxury minibuses that come with top of the range facilities and a wide selection of entertainment options. For a free, no obligation quote from Coach Hire in London contact us today.

Luxury services and facilities offered on our executive minibuses include DVD Players, a washroom/toilet area and full air conditioning. If you’re looking for a luxury executive experience, our small, sleek executive minibuses seat up to 8 people and come with all the luxury services you need. The executive minibus from coach hire London has a full leather interior, tables and DVD entertainment. There’s no better way to travel in London. Coach Hire London also provide minibuses with larger capacities for bigger groups. Our range of Midi Coaches are available with standard, executive and luxury services and facilities.

For any large-scale event that incorporates significant numbers, our larger coaches at Coach Hire London will suit your group. Our full size coaches come in various sizes, with seats ranging from 49 to 91, so you’ll have no problem accommodating a substantial amount of people. Whether it’s a school trip in Central London or a day trip out of the capital, we can take the pain out of your travel plans.

If you’re travelling in large numbers, our most popular full-size 70+ seater coach at London Coach Hire is ideal. And it has all the benefits of an executive style journey. For even bigger groups check out Coach hire in London’s 100 seater options. While the 100 seater coaches don’t offer executive facilities, they will help you with the headache of transporting a substantial group of people from A to B quickly and efficiently.

Coach Hire in London

The larger coaches at Coach Hire London are suited to any large-scale event that incorporates significant groups, whether it’s a school trip into Central London or a day trip out of the capital. Our full size coaches come in various sizes, with seats ranging from 49 to 91, so you’ll have no problem accommodating for a substantial amount of people.

The most popular full-size coach that we provide at London Coach Hire is the 70+ seater, which is ideal for those looking to travel in large numbers with all the benefits of an executive style journey. If you’re looking for coach hire in London to transport an even larger group of people, why not check out our 100 seater options? Despite the lack of executive facilities, they are ideal for getting substantial groups of people from A to B in a quick and efficient manner, which is great for project management purposes.

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Coach Hire London – Places To See

With your coach organised, you’ll be keen to work out which places you’d like to see on your visit to the capital. Here at Best London Coach Hire we listen to your preferences, and you can count on us to get you smoothly to your preferred destination in London. We want your journey experience to be exactly how you’d like it to be. London has so many wonderful places to visit, from the jaw-dropping wonders of the British and Natural History Museums to the inspirational exhibits of the Tate Modern. Not forgetting the London Eye, Hyde Park, the Houses of Parliament, Madame Tussauds, and much more.

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british museumThe British Museum is certainly one of the highlights of anyone’s trip to the capital. From the wonders of ancient Egypt to the Aztecs and ancient China, there are all kinds of historical exhibits to explore. The British Museum is a unique spectacle in itself, with extraordinary architecture. Inside you’ll see an abundance of historical exhibits and artefacts on show that take you back hundreds of years. Sit back and let London Coach Hire take you there. One of the most popular exhibits is the Parthenon Sculpture depicting a giant Centaur rearing over a helpless human Lapith.

The Greek sculpture is a particularly famous part of the Museum’s history and continues to attract tourists from all over the world. Why not let Best London Coach Hire take you there today.

With Coach Hire London you can take in all the sights of the city in one day. Let us take you over to the London Eye to get a wonderful 360 degree view of what the capital has to offer. When the weather’s good, you can scan London’s beautiful landscape and see some significant landmarks. Views of the River Thames, Big Ben, the Gherkin and even the famous arch of Wembley Stadium, north of Central London, are fabulous sights you can see from the London Eye. With our London coach hire you are guaranteed a great day out.

london eyeIf you fancy taking in the sights on a boat trip down the River Thames, we’ll drop you close to the jetty. A boat trip on the Thames is a great way to see all of the famous riverside buildings and stunning bridges, from the modern Millennium Bridge, Westminster Bridge and Lambeth Bridge to the historic Tower Bridge, London Bridge and Blackfriars Bridge. A waterway trip is a great addition to your day out in London.

You’ll also get running commentary from the captain, so you’ll learn everything you need to know about the historic city during the tour.

What this great video for some more ideas about things to see and do in London:


To help you get the most out of the day, our Coach Hire London team can point you in the right direction. They’ll help you with information on all the local tourist hot spots, the best shopping centres, entertainment districts and great places to eat. Here are a few London attractions that you won’t want to miss out on!



Green space in London includes eight Royal Parks in addition to a number of small garden squares located throughout the City Centre. The Eight Royal Parks (in order of smallest to largest) are Green Park, St James’ Park, Greenwich Park, Hyde Park, Kensington Gardens, Regent’s Park, Bushy Park and Richmond Park. With so many great open spaces in Greater London, fitting in a park visit on one of our coach tours in London is easy. If you are looking for a nice green space to spend a few hours or you’d like to enjoy a nice picnic with friends, London’s Parks are a perfect choice. Each park has its own unique attractions, which we’ve summed up below.

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Hyde Park – Hyde Park is a beautiful example of the British countryside. It’s hard to believe that it is surrounded by towering buildings and rushing traffic. Located in the centre of London, Hyde Park is the most well-known of all London’s great parks and plays host to a wide number of events throughout the year. From great Halloween events to Winter Wonderland at Christmas, it’s the perfect place to take the kids all year round. Get in touch with Best London Coach Hire now to book your seat.

St James’s Park – Initially founded as a deer park for the royal occupants of St James’s Palace, the park is home to a number of wildfowl species, and is one of the only places in London where you can see pelicans. Pelican feeding time is a popular stop off, happening every day between 2:30pm and 3pm. St James’s park offers beautiful photographic views of Buckingham Palace and London Eye can also be spotted. Book with coach hire in London and we’ll take you to the most beautiful London parks. We’re just a phone call away.

Richmond Park – Richmond Park was created in the 17th century as a deer park. It is a national nature reserve, a Site of Special Scientific Interest and a Special Area of Conservation. It also contains a number of buildings of architectural and historic interest, making it a perfect location for any Science or History school trips.

It’s the largest of the Royal Parks, with 955 hectares of space and is incredibly important for local wildlife conservation. When it comes to arranging educational trips and coach hire, London can be difficult to navigate. Get in touch with our qualified and professional drivers for helpful hints and tips on getting to the best parks in London for your next school trip.


british museum

Located within walking distance of each other, the Science Museum and the Natural History Museum cover a huge range of fantastic exhibitions for guests of all ages. When booking coach hire in London you’ll be making a list of everything to see and do. These two Museums should certainly be on your list.

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The Natural History Museum – has a fantastic collection of artefacts, an exhibition of the early 20th century, and a ‘then to now’ timeline of the progression of technology. Kids of all ages have something to learn at the Natural History Museum. When looking at school trips on the World Wars, the Natural History Museum is also incredibly useful as it has a wealth of information on weaponry and vehicles, as well as what conditions must have been like during that time. Get in touch with Coach Hire London now to book your trip.

The National Science Museum – Covering everything from the start of the universe to the inner workings of our minds, the Science Museum has it all. The museum offers a number of interactive exhibits to test both your scientific mind and your imagination. The Science Museum also regularly changes its main exhibit in order to keep up with the times, so even if you have already been once, there is sure to be something new each time you visit.

Whether you’ve flown in for a long weekend as tourists, or you’re part of a school group, our first class coach hire in London will get your group where it needs to be. The Natural History and National Science Museums are not to be missed.

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London Coach Hire For Shopping

London has a plethora of great locations for shopping and grabbing a few souvenirs before the end of your trip. The unique stalls at Covent Garden are great for Christmas gifts, while designer clothes are at the heart of Knightsbridge. Canary Wharf is home to many of the UK’s leading businesses, but also boasts a stunning shopping centre with over 200 shops. London, just as many other capital cities all over the world, has something for everyone if you’re looking to shop. Wherever you want to shop, we at Coach Hire London can take you there.

Coach hire in London will make your London trip incredibly convenient. You can jump from one location to another if you want to hit up all the major shopping outlets and markets. Getting across London can be difficult, but with our experienced drivers London becomes infinitesimally easier to traverse. From the bustling restaurants and oriental shops in Chinatown to the widespread billboards of Piccadilly Circus, sometimes it can take a while to get from point A to B. Why not take advantage of the advice given by our experienced drivers.



If the theatre is more your cup of tea, London boasts just under 40 west end theatres. In addition, there are countless small theatrical venues, stand-up comedy bars and areas of London that are popular with regular flash mobs. The West End is England’s answer to the Broadway in the USA and there is never a shortage of high quality shows. Hitting the West End for a show is an ideal day out or even a school trip for a Drama or Music class. It’s almost impossible to find inexpensive car parking for many theatres, so taking the tube and walking to a theatre, or using coach hire in London – where you can be dropped off directly – is the recommended option.

There is always an award winning show on in London, from well-known classics to popular kid’s musicals. Here are the current top musicals to see in London:

  • The Lion King –The Lyceum Theatre
  • Matilda the Musical– The Cambridge Theatre
  • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory –Theatre Royal; Drury Lane
  • Wicked– Apollo Victoria
  • The Phantom of the Opera– Her Majesty’s Theatre
  • Thriller; Live –The Lyric Theatre
  • Mamma Mia! –Novello Theatre
  • The Book of Mormon– The Prince of Wales Theatre
  • Les Misérables– Queen’s Theatre
  • Stomp – Ambassadors Theatre

Tickets can be booked online in advance. Contact the team at Coach Hire London for more information. With a huge number of shows available, any theatre buff is spoilt for choice when visiting London. Many theatres have matinee and evening performances throughout the week, so you can enjoy some of the best musicals London has to offer at any time of the day. Get in touch now and ask us about coach hire in London for your perfect trip to the theatre. For educational and club visits, even in smaller groups, there is no more convenient, cost-effective and efficient way to travel than with coach hire in London.

When Visiting London for the First Time

London can feel overwhelming and a daunting place, so it is important to do your research beforehand. Think about where you might want to visit. It can be easy to get lost and you’d be hard pressed to find someone who knows exactly where everything is! Here at Best London Coach Hire we do everything in our power to make your trip comfortable and are here to help should you need any information. Book your coach hire in London with us now to start your adventure.

Essential Tourist Spots

London is full of exciting visiting spots for tourists. Great attractions include Buckingham Palace, Piccadilly Circus and the London Eye. Some attractions, such as Buckingham Palace, you may only get to see from afar, but other attractions, such as the Tower of London, offer tours for visitors for a small fee.

Some tourist maps will provide directions to the nearest underground station to see these great British landmarks. There are also signs on the London underground at each stop with information about the locality. Our friendly London Coach Hire team can also answer any of your questions.

London coach hire

A Quick Guide to the Underground

The underground is one of the oldest feats of British engineering and is still very much in use today. It is still an essential part of travelling throughout London, so it’s easier if you are able to navigate the underground without much trouble. The London underground can get crowded and hot during the summer, and it’s busy at certain peak times.

The ‘lines’ of the underground are all colour coded and individually named, so it is easy to find out where you need to go. Most underground stations have miniature maps showing all available routes from that station. If you are ever in doubt, look for the information desk where an attendant will be able to help you.

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Useful Maps to have

Maps can sometimes be confusing, but they are an essential part of London’s tourism. Having an underground map and a bus map of the local London routes is essential when you visit London. Another useful map to have is the Tube Station toilet map. Some journeys can be upwards of an hour, so it is handy to know which underground stations have toilets and changing facilities.

Stay Safe in London

Central London is fairly safe as far as capital cities go, however it is important to be careful when travelling throughout London, particularly if you are in a small group. Look after your valuables.

Coach Hire London & Travel in groups

Try not to travel alone, particularly if you ‘stand out’ as an obvious tourist. Thieves will be looking out for easy targets and they will be less likely to target you if you are in a group. It may be a good idea to organise a recognisable item of clothing for your entire group to wear. Then if one person is separated, they can easily re-locate the group. Here at Coach Hire London we are experienced in providing travel for groups, so get in touch before you travel.

Valuables – out of sight!

Anything valuable must stay out of sight and properly secured to your person. Backpacks with heavy zips are essential, or bags you can keep a hold of. Keep your money close to your person and try to avoid using your phone or other expensive gadgets for long periods of time while on busy streets. You might not be paying attention to your bag, but some other bystander might be.

Vehicle Safety!

If you need to use a taxi, there are a number of taxi ranks located throughout the city, often near railway stations and they should be easily recognisable. Never hail down an unregistered taxi, as this could put you in a vulnerable position. Remember that in the UK, cars drive on the left hand side, so be aware of this when hiring a car or crossing the road. Stay safe, alert and aware!

Why Use Best Coach Hire London

Coach Hire London offer a wide range of vehicles including executive and luxury vehicles. We are proud to provide a team of highly professional, courteous and qualified staff. Our level of experience is exemplary. We are sure you can have confidence in our abilities to get you to and from London with the utmost care and efficiency. Coach Hire London offers a highly recommended executive car, minibus and coach hire service throughout the UK, so we know we have what it takes to provide you with all the necessary transport services you require.

Here at Coach Hire London we do everything we can to ensure you are feeling comfortable before, during and after the journey, whether it’s organising a pick up time for an airport transfer at London Heathrow or collecting a large number of school pupils from their school trip in the capital. So, if you require coach hire in London book with us today and a member of the Coach Hire London team will be in touch as soon as possible.

Volvo coach

We have a broad history of providing for all kinds of clients, including corporate and blue chip companies. Here at Coach Hire London we have an outstanding customer service team who are always available to provide you with the information you need. We have built a strong relationship with financial institutions, production companies, colleges, schools and banks both in the UK and abroad.

We are capable of putting together a London coach hire transport package that meets your needs, from a uniformed chauffeur driven car service across London to a large-scale school trip with a substantial number of pupils.

Our work during the 2012 London Olympics has also contributed significantly to our exemplary reputation. Our drivers are true ambassadors of the Coach Hire London company, who constantly maintain a high level of professionalism and reliability.

Here at Coach Hire London we work hard to ensure we adhere to your specifications. We can take all the organisational aspects of the trip and deal with them ourselves, giving you peace of mind and space to focus on your destination and the event itself. For more information on coach hire in London or for a free, no obligation quote, follow the link below.


Company History

Best London Coach Hire have been providing high quality transport options for clients for several years, with our services stretching from the UK through to Europe.

We strive to provide a service that is capable of achieving outstanding reviews from our clients, with competitive rates that are attractive and respected by even the most experienced coach traveller.

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Our history incorporates various journeys across London, with regular services for school trips, tourist groups, events and special occasions throughout the city. We also specialise in airport transfers and sporting events, with a variety of coach sizes available to accommodate for all kinds of group sizes. We are the perfect choice if you require coach hire in London.

Our past successes with our clients in London caused many prolific companies and organisations to become aware of us and we were subsequently called upon to provide transport services during the 2012 London Olympics.

Our highly efficient service resulted in sporting fans and tourists from all over the world reaching their chosen venues and destinations on time, with their own travel requirements and specifications taken into account. Our wide variety of vehicles provided standard, executive or luxury travel options for our clients, so they could travel with stylish facilities including entertainment, catering, toilets and more.

At Best London Coach Hire we are also experienced in transporting large numbers to music events, which take place regularly throughout London and the surrounding areas, including Wembley Stadium to the north. Once again, our wide range of vehicles sizes mean we are capable of transporting various group sizes to and from these events. With client requirements kept in mind we can arrange an optimum pick up time for both arrivals and departures.


Great Client Feedback

Here at Coach Hire London we’ve had some wonderful client feedback over the years thanks to our great team and high level of service.  We’re always delighted to hear from new clients who have travelled with us for the first time. With so many journeys carried out from all over the country into London, Coach Hire London work extremely hard to make sure our clients receive the services that they deserve. We take the stress out of transporting both large and smaller groups from A to B.

Our clients make the most of our valuable experience to deal with ideal journey times, well-organised pickups and departures, as well as the ideal coach size, the most efficient route for the journey and much more.

The Coach Hire London team have received some fantastic testimonials, which are displayed on our website. We are regularly thanked for our professional and efficient service, with one example from a company impressed by the simplicity of the booking procedure.

They also expressed their confidence and assurance that their clients would feel relaxed and comfortable throughout the journey with Coach Transport Group and we were delighted to live up to their expectations.

We have received many other testimonials that praise our level of service for our coach hire in London, including glowing feedback from companies associated with the London Olympics. We strive to continue to receive great feedback. We are confident that any journey in or around the London area is incomplete without the level of courtesy and professionalism that we show here at Coach Hire London.


Low Prices For London Coach Hire

With executive, luxury and standard vehicles available, our rates vary depending on your chosen method of travelling. However, this doesn’t mean we don’t offer some of the most competitive rates on the market. Each style of transport has affordable rates that are too good to turn down.

The prices we offer for coach hire in London are extremely competitive, so you can rest assured that our London coach hire will present excellent value for money. We offer some outstanding rates that can’t be matched by other transport companies in the city, so you know you’re getting a price that is both realistic and affordable.


Our fair price policy means we will only ever give you the very best deal available at the time of your enquiry. Coach Hire London don’t include any booking fees or administration charges, so the quote you receive is the price you pay. You don’t have to concern yourself with any hidden charges or unexpected payments, including VAT which does not apply for coach hire with the Coach Transport Group.


Our low prices available here at Coach Transport Group go hand-in-hand with various packages that help you make savings. We currently offer some amazing discounts on horse racing packages, with journeys to some of the most notable horse racing circuits in the country, including Sandown Park in London. To learn more about the discounted packages we have to offer, get in touch with the Coach Hire London team by calling 0800 1712995.

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High Quality Service

All of our vehicles provide unrivalled high quality and are accompanied by a team of friendly, professional and highly experienced staff members who ensure your journey is as pleasant and relaxing as possible. Whether you decide to pursue a standard minibus service or an exclusive 91 seater coach, we always maintain the same level of courtesy and professionalism regardless. We aim to consistently satisfy clients using our London coach hire with high quality services and we continue to attract hugely positive feedback and outstanding testimonials as a result.

Executive car hireOur luxury transport options give you the opportunity to feel perfectly relaxed and comfortable as soon as you leave your front door, with an exquisite range of vehicles that you can choose from to meet your travel preferences.

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We strive to impress with our luxury vehicles and professional service. We are confident we can exceed expectations and provide you with a transport option across London that cannot be matched anywhere else. Best Coach Hire London make the most of modern transportation technology to easily calculate specific arrival times, so that you know for certain when you’ll be arriving at your destination.

Our executive car hire service is the perfect representation of our high quality services. We take all the time concerns and pressure of travelling away from you and cover everything so that you can get from A to B quickly and comfortably.

There are all kinds of luxury services available for you to make the most of with our executive car hire should you wish to do so, from refreshments and entertainment to mobile phone chargers. Just sit back and enjoy the city views from the comfort of our luxury vehicles.

We also offer high quality services for weddings and other special occasion. If you’re keen to have the entire transportation methods sorted out quickly, professionally and with the utmost detail for your special event in London, we can cater for your specific requirements and successfully contribute to a wonderful day for you and your guests.

We’re happy to provide our clients with the assurance that their luxury vehicles will be available precisely when they need them. With us, you can ignore any transport worries and preparations so that you can focus on the wedding day itself, including your wife or husband to be!


Types of Coach Hire in London

Airport Transfers


Best Coach Hire London are delighted to offer a large-scale airport transfer service throughout London, with affordable transport services available for both business and leisure trips abroad. With the opportunity to book in advance, you have the reassurance that everything from arriving at the airport to getting picked up from your return flight is sorted out. Whether you’re flying out from London City Airport, Gatwick, Luton, Stansted or Heathrow, we can cater for any sized group across London and its surrounding areas.

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We can offer you assistance prior to the day of travelling so that your specific requirements are met beforehand. We also have executive travel options with a number of our vehicles that you can book at highly competitive rates for your airport transfer, with a number of luxurious services available on board.

Sporting Events


If you are looking for coach hire in London to transport a large group of people to a sporting event such as a football, rugby or cricket match in the capital, we would be more than happy to help.

We provide coach and minibus transfers for sporting events, with large numbers of fans, tourists and sporting enthusiasts. Best London Coach Hire also offer specialist services for various London-based sporting occasions, including our affordable horse racing packages and transport options for golfing days. We can arrange efficient pick up times for you to avoid the hassle of organising your own travel plans. Take your pick from our standard, executive or luxury vehicles depending on your preferences.



Weddings are a time for happiness and celebration, although it can be difficult to ignore the growing pressure that accompanies such a significant event in your life. If you’re concerned about the transport options for your guests, you can utilise our expert knowledge of London and its surrounding areas. We can provide high quality, professional and efficient transport methods for your family and friends. We often provide our largest coaches for people looking to journey to and from a wedding venue, with coaches ranging from 49 to 91 seats.

You can also choose from competitive and affordable standard, luxury or executive travel options depending on your preferences. We can provide you with accurate arrival and departure times using our state-of-the-art transport technology and our highly professional and experienced drivers so that you can relax and look forward to the big day.

Best London Coach Hire are delighted to offer our executive car hire services to wedding events, which comprise of highly professional and exceptional facilities suited to any wedding day or celebratory occasion.

School Trips


Our London coach hire provides plenty of space for any school trip, whether it’s a short-term visit to the Natural History Museum or a weekend away at a holiday destination. We have coaches that range from 49 to 91 seats, along with our largest 100-seater coaches which are perfect for any trip with a substantial amount of pupils.

School trips are extremely popular throughout the capital, with so much to explore and plenty of historical attractions that contribute significantly to the education of students of all ages. Best London Coach Hire are delighted to offer schools throughout the country a highly efficient and professional transport option for their next trip to London.

We can organise a pick up time that suits your requirements so that you get the chance to experience the vibrant city for as long as possible. We are experts at recommending the ideal time to pick you up from your chosen destination in London so that you arrive back at your school at a time that suits you.

We also offer efficient storage space for luggage, bags and other items so that the journey isn’t cramped and your pupils are comfortable all the way from the departure site to your chosen destination. Get a free quote for coach hire in London now. Complete the form below and a member of our team will get back to you.

Corporate Events

At corporate events, it is essential that everything runs smoothly from start to finish. From organising the venue, to arranging numbers and managing the planned proposals, or even organising transport to and from the venue, it can be a stressful affair. Best London Coach Hire offers a wide range of VIP coaches available for hire to make your job a little easier. Our first class coaches available in a variety of sizes can be arranged to pick up and drop off guests at a specified time, ensuring a safe and pleasant journey for all involved.

With coaches ranging from 49 to 91 seats, we offer complete flexibility when it comes to organising corporate events. We offer a variety of classy travel options, from standard to luxury and executive travel for those more outstanding members of your business. Using state of the art transport technology we can ensure that you arrive exactly on time and our experienced drivers take every effort to ensure your journey to and from the venue is a relaxing one.

Contact Best Coach Hire London for all your corporate events.

Stag & Hen Do’s

While the wedding is going to be one of the most significant days of your life, Hen Parties and Stag Do’s are still incredibly important. Offering first class transport services to Stag Do’s and Hen Parties throughout London and the surrounding area, Best London Coach Hire provides a range of coaches and minibuses. Whether you’ve got a fully loaded Stag Night planned or just a small private Hen Do with a few of the girls we have the right transport option for you.

We provide affordable standard coaches in a variety of sizes as well as luxury and VIP coaches and minibuses if you fancy splashing out on your special night. Our professional drivers are sure to pick you up and drop you off in perfect time, allowing you time to rest and relax in peace before the big night. Certain coaches also provide special extras such as champagne, if you are looking to add a little spice to your Stag Do before you reach the venue. Get in touch with us for more information on arranging your Stag Do or Hen Party transportation with us.

Theatre Trips

Watching a performance live is often a favoured past-time for people of all ages. With a wide variety of different plays and musicals on tour throughout the capital, it is no surprise that there is a high demand for first class London coach hire to and from theatre venues. Best London Coach Hire offers coaches and minibuses to suit all occasions, from small family outings to full theatre troupes with a selection of coaches seating from 49 up to 100 people.

If you fancy splashing out on a luxury coach our executive coaches and VIP coaches boast a range of extra facilities. With accurate pick up and drop off times, all you need to worry about is sorting out the theatre tickets while our drivers transport you directly to the venue.

Christmas Parties / Christmas Markets

Best London Coach Hire offers a range of coach hire in London, which is perfect for transporting you to your chosen venue when organising a family or even a corporate Christmas party. The capital is incredibly busy during this time of year so it is essential to make sure that you are properly organised when booking adequate transport. Best London Coach Hire offers a wide range of different luxury coaches and minibuses. Book ahead to avoid disappointment.

With pre-arranged pick up and drop off times and a selection of luxury and VIP coaches, our service is perfect for your corporate Christmas party. Start your event off in style with a selection of luxury facilities for your guests on the way to and from the venue. Get in touch with us to find out more about our Christmas party coaches available for hire throughout December.

School Proms

Your School Prom may often feel like one of the most important evenings of your young life, so professional transport that gets you there and back in good time is essential. With a range of beautiful London venues available for School Proms and after parties, it comes as no surprise that demand for transport for School Proms is high in the capital. Best London Coach Hire offers a range of minibuses and executive coaches with professional drivers available for hire to make sure that you travel to your School Prom in style.

Our executive car hire services are also great for school prom events, with experienced and highly recommended drivers and facilities fit for any important occasion. Make your school prom special from start to finish with a selection of luxury coaches and minibuses available from Best London Coach Hire, whether your venue is five minutes away or twenty-five minutes away.

Theme Park Visits

Organising a visit to a theme park, whether it is for educational purposes or just for leisure, can be a time consuming and stressful task, particularly for London parks. Take some of the stress and hassle off your plate by hiring a professional coach or minibus from Best London Coach Hire. Offering coaches in a variety of different sizes, from smaller minibuses for personalised services to huge 100 seater coaches, Best London Coach Hire makes sure to get you to your destination in comfort and style.

Use our free quotation form to give you a no-obligation estimate of the cost of your journey. Included in our professional level of service, we can offer a pre-arranged pick up and drop off time to help you plan your day. Allow our experienced drivers to make a good start and end to your theme park day out, with the help of an organised hired coach from Best London Coach Hire.

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