29 Seater Midi Coach

2-mercedes-coach-hire copyBest London Coach Hire has plenty of years’ experience as an independent business providing a highly professional and trustworthy transport services to customers all over the UK wherever they are looking to travel. We have built an excellent reputation over the years with many customers across the country who have require dour services for stag and hen nights as well as major corporate gatherings and blue chip events. We have the required vehicles necessary to get your travel party to and from the required destination in a quick and efficient manner, with one of our many transport options including the 29 seater midi coach.

We offer a wide variety of coaches that are suited to the specific needs of our customers and the travel party. We also have luxury vehicles available for customers looking to travel in style and with a range of luxurious features available during the journey. We provide a top quality service at all times regardless of your requirements to ensure your journey is as smooth and as comfortable as possible. We will arrange a pick up and drop off time with you and ensure we are always in good time for your arrival and departure.

We have coaches suitable for all travel parties and requirements, from small families and large gatherings to corporate events, school clubs and university societies. Our 29 seater midi coaches are perfectly suited to reasonably substantial groups of people, whether that’s a school trip or a large group of sporting fans. All of our coach rentals, including the 29 seater midi coach service, comes with a driver who shares a similar level of experience as our own and ensures you reach your destination and return home comfortably and in good time.

Our 29 seater midi coach service is highly recommended for schools and clubs as we can ensure everyone is accounted for while travelling, whereas this is not always possible on crowded underground stations and at other busy public transport options. We provide enhanced comfort with our midi coaches compared to standard public transport services and make journeys with large groups of children far simpler and comfortable for everyone travelling.

London coach hire

We have a comprehensive list of hugely reliable contacts and a significant amount of experience in the transport industry, so you can count on us here at Best London Coach Hire to get you to and from your chosen destination in no time. We have provided our midi coach services for both the London Olympic and Paralympic Games in recent years. We do not charge booking or admin fees and the price you are quoted is what you will pay for our service.

For more information contact us today on 0800 171 2995 and speak to our friendly team. We look forward to hearing from you.